Looking back at Fluid 2012, I can easily sum up this gathering in one word: Grace.

When we first set out to inspire an emerging generation that has been seemingly written off by many people, we had no idea what the response would be.  All we knew is that God put in us a longing to inspire young adults to live passionately for Christ in whatever context their lives flow into.

At most, we imagined a few hundred young adults converging on March 3rd, 2012.  To our shock, we witnessed over 900 people from as far as Sault Ste. Marie come together to learn and worship our God together.

Diving head first into the book of Colossians, we started the morning off with a bang…literally!  With drumsticks and buckets in hand, we worshiped the Lord as the sounds echoed throughout the main stage.  Bruxy Cavey lead the first session with a powerful reminder that Christ is of first importance and the foundation in all of our daily endeavors.

Session 2 was marked with a stirring performance from Ins Choi, who is considered by many as one of the top 10 best new performers in Toronto.  Following this, Dr. Ravi Zacharias challenged us to continue being rooted in the faith through complete commitment to Christ and a life of prayer.

We then broke off into 8 different labs that were founded on the third chapter of Colossians.  Topics such as relationships, direction, identity and freedom were covered in a conversational style setting, fostering an environment of dialogue and questioning for participants.

The final session was capped off with a heart convicting spoken word piece from Chris Tse, former national slam poetry champion.  Colin McCartney finished off with a call to join the movement by making the most of every opportunity with the people around us.

What a full day!

But it was a day full of the grace of God.

Samuel Williams is co-founder & content director at Fluid. He is also the teaching pastor at Avenue Community Church in Toronto, Canada.