Alrighty folks, so Fluid 2015 is officially 2 sleeps away as this article is being written and with over 1500 young adults converging together in one place, you will need to be aptly prepared to survive this event =P

Before You Arrive

  1. Bring Cash! There are some amazing food trucks and faith based apparel companies on site that only take cash.
  2. Prep Your Social Media! Get on twitter, facebook, instagram, what-have-you and get ready to use our official hashtag: #fluid15
  3. Read Up On The Labs! Find out which lab you want to attend and make sure you are ready to make a b-line because many will fill up fast.  Read about them here.
  4. Get Your GPS Ready! Have you planned your ride? Great! Leave early to get to Fluid on time.  First session starts at 9am.
  5. Print your e-ticket! It’s the only way you’ll get in =)
  6. Pray that God will do great things in your life and others at Fluid.

The Big Day

  1. Don’t lose your Conference Badge or you will have to purchase another one.
  2. When the theatre doors open at 8:45am, find your seat fast!
  3. Go Crazaaay On Social Media! Tweet, post, take pics of any and everything at #fluid15
  4. Network With Your Fellow Peers! Imagine 1500 of likeminded people in one spot, there is bound to be opportunities to meet new people.
  5. Be Present! Take in the teaching, worship God with all you’ve got and pray for this next generation.
  6. Check out the various Exhibit Booths that are dying to help you grow in your spiritual walk.
  7. Go to the Paintlounge Community Installation on the East Wing where you can paint together in one space.
  8. Need a place for quite and relaxation? Visit our Reflection Room on the West Wing, where talking is at a minimum and contemplation and prayer is at maximum volume.

All in all, we hope that Fluid 2015 is an amazing time for you and that ultimately, God will meet you in a fresh and powerful way.

See you in a few!