It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it? So what do you have to do today? I can probably guess a good portion of the contents of your day.

You were cruelly awoken by your demonic alarm clock, rolled over and cursed under your breath (sin) that it’s just too early to get up. When you finally got up you were now running late, so you yelled at [insert person/victim here] to get out of the shower (sin). You used that shampoo that makes your hair look really full and shiny because you are vain (sin). Got dressed, went downstairs and was in such a rush that you blew off your family, ignoring what they needed from you in those moments (sin).

You walked out of your house that is a constant source of bitter arguing between you and your spouse because you want to move and she does not. Because of your stubbornness (sin) there is no real peace (sin) between you. You got into the car you can’t afford (sin) and took off to work.

Remember….you’re late so did not obey the speed limit (sin) nor did you treat the poor lady at Tim Horton’s with the grace and humanity she deserves (sin). You cursed again at the slow driver in front of you (sin), answered the phone while driving (sin) and texting your workmate (sin) to lye about why you are late (sin).

You’re not even at work yet and you’re racking ’em up!!!

I’ve got some bad news…we are all living in sin.

We sleep it, breath it, eat it, speak it, ooze it all day-every day. As a matter of fact sin isn’t just what we do….it’s who we are!

But here’s the good news. Our identity is not just that we are sinners because to stop there offers no hope.  The truth is, we are deeply loved sinners and this makes all the difference in the world!

There is a beautiful sequence of events here:

First, we were loved into being, created in the good and sinless image of our Father. Then sin damaged, beyond human repair, that which was utterly good. This damage however allowed us to discover that God’s love is directed at us in all of it’s friendship and fury just as we are as sinners.

It is only when you really ‘GET’ this truth that you can really ‘GET’ the truth that you are also living in grace. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.

You are a wretch. You are broken in every conceivable way. You have no rights. You have no standing. You have nothing and there’s NOTHING you can ever hope to do about it! THAT is you and that is me.

For me, waking up every day knowing I’m a sinner is what tempts me to just stay in bed. However, waking up every day knowing that I’m a sinner loved by the God of the universe gets my heart pumping and my feet moving, with a little help from my addiction (sin) to starbucks!.

—————————————————————————————————————————————- brentBrent Helwig leads a team of over 90 creative-arts volunteers as the pastor of Worship Arts at The Bridge Markham Community Church.