I’ve been reading all kinds of reactions and thoughts on the Grammy’s and how they reflect our current culture. How we, as Christians, need to take a stand for Christian values and such.

It’s a little funny, I find that I’m old enough now to listen to the bemoaning, sociological hand wringing and hear a familiar tone to it all. It’s like; “I know this song!” It’s been sung in various tunes over my 40 years but the lyrics are hauntingly familiar and just a bit predictable now.  It goes something like this:

“The church is under attack! We are engaged in spiritual warfare! Our very way of life is at stake! Those horrible people don’t like us! We must stand and fight! Put your head between your knees…. Woe is us!”

You know what?! All of that is true. But it’s been going on since Jesus walked this planet the first time and it’s gonna keep right on keepin’ on until He comes back to set the ‘record’ straight!

This is not a new song. Thou doesn’t need to freakest thou out!

Instead, be who God made you to be. I could say, ‘you don’t need to hit anyone over the head with the Good Book’ but God uses that sometimes. It’s not up to us, it’s up to Him. I could say, ‘don’t just sit in your closet and pray for your neighbour’ but sometimes God works that way too. Whatever you do, just remember that nothing you ever did gave you any rights before the Father. You are a total and complete mess too!

Try just loving on people.

Truth is powerful and truth wrapped in love is powerfully compelling.

God is God. God loves you and God made you exactly the way he wanted you to be! He knows you’re broken and He sent His Son to help you with that. He likes the way you do things when you are operating in His strength…not yours.

You are here for a reason. Not to be scared of the big, bad, ugly world but to reflect the love of it’s Maker right back at the people in your worlds. They are all looking for that ‘thing’. That ‘thing’ that fills the hole their addictions do not. That ‘thing’ that eases a pain they can’t put words to. That ‘thing’ that frees their soul and gives wings to their hope.

We have it! Praise God and thank Him till your throat goes dry! We don’t deserve it but He gave it to us anyway. Beggars at the door of God’s mercy we were and He flung the doors wide open!

Am I shocked at all the alarms going off because of The Grammy’s? No, not at all. It’s part of the conversation we get to be a part of. Crazy? Yup! Scary? Sometimes! Confusing? Often! Hard? Always!

This is not a joyride but I am full of joy and overflowing with hope… because I know who’s driving!

And so do you.

—————————————————————————————————————————————- brentBrent Helwig leads a team of over 90 creative-arts volunteers as the pastor of Worship Arts at The Bridge Markham Community Church.