This is part 2 of us looking at the various Labs that will be offered at Fluid 14.

Some have asked how we pick our Labs each year.   It’s a great question!  Our process goes a little something like this:

Prayer + thinking + searching scripture + surveying young adults + analyzing culture

It may not always be in that order, but this is the “formula” we tend to use each year.  So with that in mind, here are our final four Labs that will be available at Fluid 14:

Andy Bannister – True For You, Not True For Me
Our culture, in the last century, has been heavily influenced in post-modern thought that has affected the way people view and respond to life, religion and truth. This lab will explore practical ways in which we can effectively share the exclusivity of Christ in an arena that says, “true for you, but not true for me”.
Dr. Helen Noh – Sanctifying Our Thoughts
The book of Philippians reminds us that our thinking influences our feelings and behaviors.  This lab will explore the structure and developmental process of our thoughts and emotions to help us sanctify of our broken thoughts that can lead us to experience, in full, “the peace of God that transcends all understanding”. (Phil. 4:7)
Ho-Ming Tsui – Is God Calling You?
Every Christian is called.  But toward what or whom?  This lab explores the main factors that shape our calling.  It will be a theological and practical look at how God calls each of us into ministry (vocational & full time) and will be especially helpful for those considering or starting a new ministry.
Brent Helwig – Creativity = Life.  Life = Worship
Did you know that you were created to be incredibly creative by an incredibly creative God? He has given you gifts, skills and abilities and then has infused you with a creativity that comes from His heart.  While you may not think of yourself an artist, you are immensely creative and the way you “use” that creativity can be an act of worship.  This lab will explore how we can transform our “normal” everyday life into a creative expression of worship to God.

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