One of my favourite times at the Fluid Gatherings is Labs.  We created Labs to provide an opportunity for young adults to have a more intimate conversation with thought leaders from across Canada.  It’s a space where we can learn, explore and dialogue about specific topics that inspire and challenge our faith as the next generation.

At Fluid 14, we’re offering 7 Labs ranging from a whole host of different topics.  Here is a sneak peak of a few of them:

Dan MacDonald – Contagious Christianity: How To Bring Your Faith To Work
Most Christians struggle with how to integrate their faith into their work, and how to express their faith at their work. This session will explore solutions to those struggles and give practical, biblical insights to equip you to be a contagious Christian in a post-Christian, hostile work context.

Dr. Leah McMillian – Thinking About Loveliness In An Unlovely World
In a world full of injustice, and abject poverty, how do we live out this call from Philippines 4:8? This lab will help you gain an understanding of the structures and issues that perpetuate the brokenness of our world and how a Christian worldview centered on the loveliness and purity of Christ can help us to become more effective missionaries, both at home and abroad.

Dr. Michael Knowles – What’s Up With Prayer?
Prayer is one of those things that everyone is supposed to know how to do, but that we all have difficulty doing anyway. We tie ourselves in knots trying to get it “right.” But what if there is no “right” way to pray? What if Jesus has something entirely different in mind? This lab will be a hands-on, hearts-open, come-as-you-are exercise in prayer as Jesus taught it.

—————————————————————————————————————————————-paul_wp Paul Yoon is co-founder & executive director at Fluid. Follow him on twitter here!