If you’ve been to Fluid before, you know that we love to push the boundaries of arts in a way that can help us communicate the message of Christ. From 1000 buckets, to spoken word and even whoopee cushions, its our hope that Christ’s words and His gospel will be center of the fun and creativity we bring to Fluid each year.

Well, in good’ol Fluid fashion, we have another creative avenue in Harris III. He is a world renown illusionist that infuses mind boggling “magic” with the message of hope. I’m incredibly excited to have him at Fluid this year and I guarantee you won’t want to miss this!

Here is a short video of Harris performing some of his illusions:

On that note, here is Harris’ bio:

Harris is passionate about helping people-especially today’s emerging generation-to transcend the trickery of the postmodern world and discover an authentic connection with Jesus Christ. A deep heart for Christ-centered outreach and spiritual growth, Harris’ ultimate mission is to serve as an agent of transformation in the hearts and lives of people throughout the world.

Since receiving a magic set from his grandmother at the age of 9, he has been fascinated with illusions and how easily the senses are deceived. At age 11 he gave his first public performances. During his teen years, Harris traveled the world, honing his craft and astounding audiences. He spend two years studying communications and the Bible, sharpening his skills as an illusionist while wrestling with matters of Christian faith and spirituality.

He has won numerous awards from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his stage performance and skills in the art of magic, and is consistently recognized by The Fellowship of Christian Magicians for his outstanding example of excellence and professionalism. In an unprecedented show of respect for such a young performer, Harris is one of the few performers to ever be featured on the cover of the FCM’s international trade magazine twice within the same decade, and is regularly asked to both perform and lecture at their regional, national, and international conventions.

Harris says, “It’s not always about revealing truth, but helping people challenge their assumptions, and ask deep questions about what life is really all about. The journey is as important as the discovery. I love when people discover truth about Christ that radically changes their lives, but as long as people leave our shows talking about not just what they saw, but what they heard and feel challenged to process, I am perfectly fulfilled.

Today, at the age of 26, he is a classically trained, award-winning, master illusionist. He has performed before 1 million people in more than twelve nations on five continents. Harris’ performances not only amaze his audiences, but also awaken them to the lure of deception, the power of the senses, and the secret of living life based on a deeper reality in Jesus Christ.”

—————————————————————————————————————————————-paul_wp Paul Yoon is co-founder & executive director at Fluid. Follow him on twitter here!