It’s that time again to start gearing up for Fluid Young Adults Gathering! We’re excited to explore the first six chapters of Daniel with the help of Donald Miller, Eugene Cho, Bruxy Cavey and more! We’re also looking forward to have Tim Neufeld, lead singer of Starfield, come worship with us and the Fluid band.

Our theme for this year is Tension!

Tension is stressful. It’s difficult. It demands attention. But only tension can strengthen an otherwise soft and pliable material. Without tension, the tightrope walker could not keep her balance on the rope.

We sometimes think about tension as if it is something to avoid, that makes life unpleasant, that sours an otherwise happy occasion. But that simply isn’t true. Avoiding tension only avoids the most direct path forward to a better life. When you avoid confronting a friend who wronged you, you rob yourself of the most direct path towards a better friendship.

As young adults, we experience constant tension between keeping God at the center of our lives and engaging with and being relevant to the godless world around us. As a prisoner in Babylon, Daniel felt the same tension, called by God to serve the king who had all but destroyed Israel.

As we journey through Daniel this year, our hope is to paint tension in a new light in order to give you the tools to live and work through it, thus allowing you to better reflect the light of Christ to those around you.

Tension can be a gift, a tool. After all, if you don’t walk the tightrope, you have to figure out how to fly to the other platform, or not get there at all.

So on behalf of the whole team at Fluid, we can’t wait to see you all there! Oh and if you want to get the conversation started early, use #fluid2013.


paul_wp   Paul Yoon is co-founder & executive director at Fluid.  Follow him on twitter here!