2019 Labs

Labs are focused talks on specific aspects of life and faith led by some of the best thought leaders in Canada. Its an opportunity for you to learn and engage in open dialogue in a more intimate setting.

The F-Word

Vijay Krishnan, Lead Pastor at Upper Room Community Church

No matter how big or how small the hurt is, forgiving is one of the hardest things to both do and accept. For a person of faith, it’s even more difficult. Because we know we should. After all, aren’t we supposed to forgive because God forgives us? And often we think we have. Bu then a memory, a person or a situation surfaces…and all the feelings, all the hurt, all the anger come flooding back. What is that about? Perhaps in our attempts to be “good” people or faithful Christians, we have missed altogether what it means to actually forgive. And therefore we have missed out on the other f-word…Freedom. Learning forgiveness is learning to love. But that is much easier said than done. So why bother? Because we want to be free. Not just distracted, moving on or stuffing it down, but actually Free! This lab will explore the journey of forgiveness in two parts: First, from the life and record of Christ, learning what forgiveness is (and is not). Second, how we begin to actually do it.


Soul Play: Prayer, Practice, Peace

Christa Hesselink, Author of Life’s Great Dare

This session is like a happy-hour for your soul!  Does your life feel too busy and fast? We all need to slow down so we can wake up to God.  Are you wanting to experience God’s presence through learning to connect in new ways? Is your relationship with God feeling stale and you’re looking for a more personal connection? In this session we’ll explore our Christian roots, and experience new and meaningful ways of deepening into God.


Leader to Leader

John McAuley, President & CEO of Muskoka Woods

At Muskoka Woods we believe that: “leaders are people who look at their world and say: ‘it doesn’t have to be this way’…and do something about it.” In this lab you will gain insight into 3 of the core concepts fundamental to your leadership journey: Character, Competence and Cadence, based on the life of King David.

This time with John will guide you through key growth practices by applying a practical leadership model that will inspire you to “shape your world.”


Jesus: Not Just Saviour & Lord But Our Model 

Jon Thompson, Vision & Teaching Pastor at C4 Church

Many of us Christians think that much of what Jesus did on earth was
because He was God. When we think this, we neglect Scripture where it
tells us that Jesus, though always God, deliberately chose to limit His
divine attributes and power. This lab looks at Jesus’ life and ministry asking the question: “If Jesus chose to limit His divine attributes and power, how did He do all of this?”  This lab will explore three aspects of Jesus’ life: 1. Jesus used spiritual disciplines to walk with the Father, and develop and learn as we do 2. Jesus used spiritual gifts (not His inherent power) to carry out His ministry while on earth. And, 3. Jesus used the promptings He received from the Father and the Spirit to lead His disciples into moments of revival.


Worship Leader Tensions

Darrick Tam, Founder of The Worship Project

As worship leaders, we have such a unique role in the church and we constantly have so many things running through our minds. We aren’t simply playing music, but there is a level of multitasking involved as we lead our community, lead our team, exercise our gifts, and pay attention to the Holy Spirit. In this lab, we want to explore some of these worship leading tensions and learn how to approach them in a way that builds a healthy worship ministry.  


Young Professionals: Where Are We?

Mike Gordon, Founder of 2230 Young Professionals

In Canada, around 70% of Christians who grow up in the church leave by the time they are 22 years old. That means maybe the person who was sitting to the left and right of you in youth group is no longer with you in church as a Young Professional. Where are they? Where are we? Join us as we will navigate and discuss some of the potential reasons why that number is so high, and the role we play moving forward to recapture the Young Professional demographic as we lead them back to church.


The Church Has a PR Problem

Joanna La Fleur, Director of Communications at C4 Church

This lab will take a deep look into how Christians can leverage their creativity and digital platforms to make the best news in the world actually sound like Good News.

Helping Your Friends Find Jesus

Michael Bronson, Lead Pastor at Mountainside Church

You have it in you to help your friends & family find Jesus! Too often we pass the responsibility of reaching others to our Pastors or church staff, but what if this way of thinking was backwards? We will be going through a simple & PROVEN strategy on how to personally see your friends and family find Jesus. Our prayer is that after our time together, you will see a radical change in your un-churched friends and family.


Science, Faith, And The First Chapters of Genesis

Logan Gates, Itinerant Speaker at RZIM Canada

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Are we meant to read this just as a claim of faith, or also claim of science?  Do science and faith belong together, or do they operate on different planes?  How does all this affect the way we read the first chapters of Genesis?  Come join us as we press into the relationship between science and faith, and how we should read “God’s two books” — the Bible and the natural world.


Spiritual Formation In Emerging Adults (YA Pastors Lab)

Jervis Djokoto, Executive Director of Young Adults Renewal Network

What are the crying needs for Young Adult Ministry in the 21st century? What resources, partnerships, and initiatives can help reduce or even eradicate the declining trend of Young Adult faith-participation? This is a lab for Leaders and Pastors who work often with Young Adults and for those who are passionate about helping Young Adults deepen their relationship with God.


Storm Chasers: Brokenness and Jesus

Dagmar Morgan, Lead Pastor at The Meeting House Hamilton Mountain

Through Spoken Word Teaching, this lab brings together elements that are experiential and interactive. Those in attendance can hear and be heard, speak and be spoken to in meaningful and  memorable ways. Reflecting on the ‘storms’ within our own lives we will explore how Jesus has been and is present in ways we may not have noticed while caught in the winds of challenge, hardship or trauma.  Likewise, where do we need him within our story? Where could we find refuge and sanctuary from the storm….is it in Him? These 60 minutes will be for those who know Him and those who seek Him, it will be a time to share stories and write new ones.

The Table

Matt Vincent, Lead Pastor at Reunion Church

The table has always been a place of gathering and belonging. A place where delicious food and drink meet laughter, stories, celebration and vulnerability. Perhaps sharing a meal and throwing a dinner party reveal more than we think about the heart of God. Could this be a significant part of the way forward for us as followers of Jesus and the Church?  Pull Up A Seat –  Welcome To The Table.


Is Your Calling Stalling?

Cyril Guerette, Assistant Professor at Tyndale University College & Seminary

All of us seek a sense of personal purpose, of God’s calling in our lives.  Digging into the life of Abraham, we find a template for the pursuit of our own call. Are you wondering how to discover your calling Have you recently received a call and want to know what’s next?  Did you think you received a call but it’s getting pretty confusing and complicated? Or have you been successful in your call but wonder what God’s got next? Wherever you are at in your call cycle today, this lab helps wrestle through the relevant questions guided by someone whose had to weave together what seems like diverse and different callings – professor, pastor, parent, writer, and musician – into a holistic life story centered on God.

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